Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The following websites have really useful Tools:

Go to these sites and get the tools: (Get Cain & Abel) (Get lots of hacking tools) (More tools) (Submit hashes to them to crack)
Http:// (Binary to almost anything converter) (Lots of tutorials like (Site that gives you challenges) Practical (Same as Hellboundhackers) (Every tool or dictionary you will need) (Rainbowtables download) (Online cryptanalysis cracking site) (Get ophcrack and ophcrack tables) (Get brutus and lots lots lots of exploits) (Get more tools) (cracking site) (more ophcrack tables) (very good hacking site with lots of hacks) (for those long cracking hours) (exactly what it says) (alot of security tutorials) (Javascript read abouts) (very cool hacking downloads!) (all about hacking and the latest tools) (more toolz) (helps you find toolz easier than google) (basically anything you want, be it music or what ever!) (Top 10 Password Crackers) (very good torrent site) A dedicated site for reverse engineering I think the name makes it clear what its all about For any Starter in Reverse Engg, these are the best tuts you will ever have. (even the site has a lot of stuff for RE)


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